These days, the owner of a Small / Medium Enterprise cannot be  expected have all the answers or be “professionally efficient” at all the tasks they need to be “expert” in.

The best option is to be open minded and able to delegate / outsource

specific tasks down through the varying levels of your own “triangle of influence”


(aka your network of people and businesses you know or know of)

we offer a range of solutions for some of the challenges which every  open-minded SME owner faces


Fact 1:

the Small and Medium Business Sector is a Risky Place to Venture - but it is also:

Exciting and can be Fabulously Rewarding -

for the Passionate, Dedicated and Diligent


Fact 2:

and here are a few sample causes of business failure (killing issues):

Failure To Understand Cashflow
Too Much Business With Too Few Customers
Too Few or Too Many Products / Services
Too Much Reliance On Yourself
Lack / Absence of Business Information
Thinking The Government Is There To Help You
Losing Track Of Your Competitors
Relying On One Or Two Key Staff
Assuming Tomorrow Will Be The Same As Yesterday
Losing Sight Of Your Personal Goals / Dream


Many enterprises will fail because they simply did not understand as much as was needed about the changing commercial environment, business marketing, customer and product development, the importance of cash-flow, balance sheets, TAX returns and a host of other critical issues -

All of which refuse to be ignored!

(noting, tax returns and legal work are two functions which nearly every SME will already be outsourcing)

for ”solutions” to these common causes of business failure, simply go to our “Solutions” page




client gains “value”

through adopting our business solutions:-



A: Automatic, easy to use, Turn-Key, Business Software Solutions - for common but  sometimes, complex business tasks


B: Business Mentoring - for those who want to spend less time working in their business and more time working on their business and enjoying the benefits of self employment


C: Consultancy Services - for some of the more complex tasks and where a “turnkey solution” is not available

The following triangle is “Maslows hierarchy of needs. It describes why you want to succeed as the owner of an SME - rather than being one of the “employees” in a large company 

simply because:

it is the only way you will actualise your life goal and purpose


it or to put it another way


smartwayz focus on business solutions:

    “Turnkey” Software Solutions,

      the easiest way to improve “results” is through duplicating an already proven process or system

      the quickest way to “duplicate” is by adopting an already existing  software application

      we have a range of stable, tried and tested software application packages, which we have designed for different commercial cycles / environments

      one or two may, possibly, suit your business

    just let them “auto-install” and you are “in business”

    they currently include:-


                      (click on either the icon or one of the navigation buttons at the top and bottom of                                               each page to find out more)                                   


revmaster “point of sale” system designed around a restaurant cafe environment. It includes its own  “takeout” telephone ordering process and comprehensive sales analysis. Putting security and reporting into the process of receipt of cash and analysis of sales                       


enotes+ our clinical multi clinicians records management system which grew to embraces appointment management, multiple clinician time scheduling, client billing, dispensary stock movements, sales analysis and diagnostic lookup


makemaster manufacturing costing, profit analysis and production variance analysis, designed around a and with the involved assistance of the owner of a working bakery and suitable for any job or batch manufacturing business


accmaster generic accounting application which is great for integrating into almost any other business system and can be added to with Sales and Purchase Order processing and “commitment accounting” Suitable for every SME and even larger organisations


All they are all designed to work together-

The makemaster solutions is an ideal back-end to revemaster, allowing any production enterprise to analyse its manufacturing performance, get to the bottom of its variance analysis and gaina firm ahdnle on its product profitability

accmaster will process the transactions from revmaster or from enotes, with ease.... so much time being freed from the error-prone and labourious, non-productive, transcribing of transaction from one process to another


Planned Developments


EaziCRM (working title) is a planned product, based on our enotes solution. It will deliver the “CRM” elements at the core of enotes plus alot more (like search and list features not available in enotes) but will not include the extended processing options which are  required in a medical CRM solution

SME Short Courses and Programmes:


AEBH, our Training School has available a range of short courses suited to all types of  Small / Medium Enterprises. All coureses and their details are maintained on our sister web-site, which is linked through the icon image to the left 

Business Mentoring / Consultancy Services:


We acquired our skills and knowledge over many years,  through satisfying the needs of large national and international companies and corporations and running our own business. Now you can harness that experience for yourself through our consultancy programme.

We do not know all the answers, no one does. But we do know most of the questions and between our incisive questioning and your own knowledge of your business, we will jointly discover the best future actions needed to meet your future expectations

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